Range of action of allied fighters in Europe

Daytime bomber raids on Germany cause problem very quickly for allies, the fuel autonomy of aircraft…Not for the bombers but for the escort made up of fighters.

Indeed the bombers are vulnerable to barrage from the German Flak and its fighters who must intercept the bombers at all costs., the losses are enormous. A permanent escort of the bomber formations is therefore needed..

These raids with escort are therefore limited by the range of action of the hunters and can only operate in the heart of Germany from November. 1943 with the Lockheed P38 Lightning.
December 1943, the high-performance North America P-51 Mustang and its radius of action of more than 1000 kilometers will provide the solution to this problem.

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Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Silk Escape Cards are now traded at gold prices.

But at the end of the war, thousands of unused cards were sold in stores and British women, still struggling with a shortage of tissue due to war rationing, bought them to make clothes, underwear, dresses…

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The reading corner : WWII infographic

WWII infographic – Perrin Edition – Directed by Jean Lopez.

A book based on modern computer graphics that is particularly effective for quickly understanding and assimilating data, the essential figures of the last world conflict.

I insist on the effectiveness of this book, in a text the numbers are often buried and not necessarily easily comparable with other values, but here it & rsquo; is totally the opposite, the relevance of the figures compared in the form of graphs and other histograms is obvious.

This book is a great idea, to have in his library.

WWII infographic


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The honeymoon by Ernest Kreiling

Photography Life Magazine

Ernest Kreiling was a staff sergeant to the 114th Infantry Regiment of the 44th US Infantry Division.

In 1947, he revisits the battlefields in Lorraine with his wife by bike. LIFE magazine photographer Anthony Linck followed the couple and documented their weird honeymoon.



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Opération bang

You would think that the Battle of the Atlantic was confined, for the most part, to the attack of the Allied convoys which joined England by the famous German Unterseeboot. But the maritime war launched by the 3rd Reich goes even further, to America !

Indeed from January 1942 and until August of the same year, the Kriegsmarine takes advantage of the lack of organization and defense of the US east coast to launch the’opération bang or opération Drumbeat for the Allies.

609 ships were sunk and 22 u-boot lost.


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Chuck Yeager

Chuck Yeager’s P-51, “Glamorous Glen III” with external fuel tanks mounted and sporting 12 kill flags.

Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager (born the 13 February 1923 Myra, West Virginia. Died 7 December 2020. ) is an American airman. It is famous for having been the first to break the sound barrier, aboard the Bell X-1, the 14 October 1947.

The famous Bell X-1 with the dedication of Chuck Yeager in my name

Chuck Yeager between the US Army Air Corps a few months before the US involvement in World War II, the 12 September 1941. Affected in Britain from November 1943, it acquires the status of aces aviation and ends the conflict with the rank of captain and thirteen German aircraft shot down in his record.
It is one of the first drivers to have shot down a Bf 262.
In his autobiography, he described the atrocities that he had orders to commit against German civilians : "Atrocities were committed by both sides. (…) An area of ​​fifty miles on fifty inside Germany was assigned to our seventy-five Mustangs and they were ordered to strafe anything that moved. The goal was to demoralize the German population. (…) If someone refused to participate (and, As far as I can remember, no one refused), it would probably have been court martialled. »
Yeager adds that, at a briefing, he whispered to his neighbor : "If we do such things, We really have to strive to be on the winning side. »
He conjectures that, to commit these atrocities, the high command gave the excuse the overlap between military and civilians in Germany Wartime : "The farmer who was plowing his potato field can be fed German troops. And because German industry was destroyed by the constant bombing, manufacturing ammunition had become a cottage industry, scattered across the country in hundreds of houses and local factories, what was the excuse for the British carpet bombing and incendiary bombs on civilian targets. In war, military rarely hesitate to hit civilians who are in the way or make targeting civilians for various strategic reasons. »
After the war, it remains in the US Air Force and became newly created pilot instructor, then test pilot from July 1945. Transferred to Muroc Field in California (Today the Edwards base), he is the first man to break the sound barrier on 14 October 1947 at 10 h 18, aboard the Bell X-1 prototype, rocket-powered aircraft designed after the ball gauge 12,7 mm comes out of the barrel of a gun at supersonic speed. On the eve of this historic flight, Chuck did a ride in the desert and fall, breaking two ribs.

In September 1953, Chuck Yeager is one of the first Americans to fly a MiG-15 that a pilot deserter North Korean, No Kum-Many, delivered to the US Army.

in addition 1955, he returned to Europe with the lieutenant-colonel to command the 417th Fighter-Bomber Squadron based at Hahn in Germany, then on the basis of Toul-Rosières in France, July 1956 to July 1957.

The 10 December 1963, Yeager narrowly escapes death, when he lost control of the Lockheed NF-104A prototype altitude 108 700 feet (33 131 meters). Managing to eject after a steep fall 100 200 feet (30 540 meters), it will fare badly burned.
Both flights are narrated in the book of Tom Wolfe and the film of the same name by Philip Kaufman, The Fabric heroes (The Right Stuff).

In July 1966, he took command of the 405th Fighter Wing of the US Air Base Clarke, in the Phillippines, and performs 127 missions over Vietnam.
After being promoted to brigadier general in August 1969, Yeager held various positions before retiring from the Air Force on March 1 1975.

In 1986, he was part of the Rogers Commission to investigate the crash of the space shuttle Challenger, destroyed the launch 28 January 1986.
The 14 October 1997, to celebrate the birthday of 50 years the sound barrier passage, it flies on board an Eagle F15 and returns symbolically.

October 1997 — Brigadier General Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager standing in front of his F-15 Eagle on the 50th Anniversary of his becoming the first man to break the speed of sound. (U.S. Air Force photo)

For his flight in the Bell X-1, Chuck Yeager wears a Rolex Oyster ; the brand does not fail to recall the in advertising campaigns.
In 2003, then aged 80 years, it flies at Oshkosh on a Mustang P-51, duet with his then squadron comrade, le colonel Bud Anderson.
The 14 October 2012, anniversary of his feat, Felix Baumgartner became the first man to pass the sound barrier in free fall.

Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star with one bronze oak leaf (for shooting down five Messerschmitt Bf 109 in one day)
Distinguished Flying Cross with two oak leaf bronze (for shooting down a Messerschmitt Me 262 and passing the sound barrier)
Legion of Merit with oak leaf bronze
Bronze Star
Purple Heart
Air Medal with two oak leaf silver
Air Force Commendation Medal
Presidential Unit Citation with one bronze oak leaf
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
American Defense Service Medal
American Campaign Medal
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with one silver star and 3 bronze stars
World War II Victory Medal
Presidential Medal of Freedom
Congressional Silver Medal (1976), for passing the sound barrier for the first time.
Source : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Yeager

Update of this article after the sad news of the announcement of his death, the 7 December 2020.
Good luck Chuck 💫


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