A baseball game ?

How to temporarily make American boys forget the harsh reality of war during their days off ?

What could be better than sport and especially baseball to boost the morale of the GI !

Official matches will also be organized between different units.

US Army Logistics to Provide Several Thousand Baseball Kits, Soft-Ball, but also boxing gloves and other footballs for troops in all theaters of operations.

Receipt of kits “Special Services” by a Marine unit in the South Pacific.
Ensemble Soft-Ball “Special Services U.S. ARMY” drummer-pitcher(Glove 5 fingers).
Wilson 680X Softball Throwing Glove “Special Services U.S. ARMY” and his ball, you will notice that Soft-Balls have a larger diameter than baseballs.
Original photo from 16 mars 1945 taken during the opening match of the Signal Corps Softball League in which the champions of 1944, 3116th “Yanks” beat the 3177th “Pappy’s Playboys”, 6 at 1.

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USM3 trench knife

Here is the last one arrived !

This is an M3 A.C.C, so manufactured by Aerial Cutlery Company in Marinette, Wisconsin.

USM3 ACC and its USM8 first type scabbard

This model is quite rare, in fact Aerial is the 3rd rarest manufacturer of USM3. On the more than 2,5 million USM3 produced between 1943 and 1944, 9 companies share manufacturing.

Guard marking of the manufacturer Aerial Cutlery Company

Boker and Robeson company are the two rarest with just over 30000 units produced for each manufacturer. Then Aerial with 51748. Then, the numbers soar above the 120000 at Pal Blade & Tool Company, to reach the 656520 for the manufacturer Utica and even 854015 for the biggest manufacturer, en l’occurrence Imperial Knife Compagny. These two biggest manufacturers complete my little collection.

Utica and Imperial with M8 second type scabbards

Utica, Aerial, Imperial with M8 and M6 scabbards

As for the sleeves, the first leather models named M6 are also rare. Indeed they are only manufactured in 1943 by 6 manufacturers and quickly replaced because considered too fragile.

Example, only 66457 copies for the Viner Bros Shoe Company in my possession on the few 310000 M6 products.

A new resin and fiber sheath is therefore born.. It will not be produced, during the Second World War, only by one company, the Beckwith Manufacturing Company of Dover, New Hampshire about 1,7 million copies , under the designation M8. The specifications will be modified several times with the addition of an M-1910 type hook, and a metal reinforcement at the end for the latest version, stamped M8A1 (3,125 million copies).

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Range of action of allied fighters in Europe

Daytime bomber raids on Germany cause problem very quickly for allies, the fuel autonomy of aircraft…Not for the bombers but for the escort made up of fighters.

Indeed the bombers are vulnerable to barrage from the German Flak and its fighters who must intercept the bombers at all costs., the losses are enormous. A permanent escort of the bomber formations is therefore needed..

These raids with escort are therefore limited by the range of action of the hunters and can only operate in the heart of Germany from November. 1943 with the Lockheed P38 Lightning.
December 1943, the high-performance North America P-51 Mustang and its radius of action of more than 1000 kilometers will provide the solution to this problem.

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Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Silk Escape Cards are now traded at gold prices.

But at the end of the war, thousands of unused cards were sold in stores and British women, still struggling with a shortage of tissue due to war rationing, bought them to make clothes, underwear, dresses…

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The reading corner : WWII infographic

WWII infographic – Perrin Edition – Directed by Jean Lopez.

A book based on modern computer graphics that is particularly effective for quickly understanding and assimilating data, the essential figures of the last world conflict.

I insist on the effectiveness of this book, in a text the numbers are often buried and not necessarily easily comparable with other values, but here it & rsquo; is totally the opposite, the relevance of the figures compared in the form of graphs and other histograms is obvious.

This book is a great idea, to have in his library.

WWII infographic


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