Pumpkin bomb

Les « pumpkin bomb » (pumpkin bombs) were classic aerial bombs developed by in the Manhattan Project and used by the air forces of the US military against Japan during World War II.
It was an exact replica of the bomb Fat Man plutonium (pictured in the publication) with the same ballistic characteristics , but using conventional non-nuclear conventional explosives.
They were primarily used for testing purposes in training or in combat.
486 units are produced.

The name of “pumpkin bomb” was used in official documents to refer to the large ellipsoidal shape instead of the more usual cylindrical shape of the other bombs. A big pumpkin finally 🎃

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Drancy camp 1942, hub Jewish deported to France

Christophe Marcelle was there at that time with his daughter Francine.

"To the authorized hours, Francine was playing in the yard with other kids. One morning, She got into the barracks, sobbing. " Mum ! look through the window ! While this group of children ! The youngest were two or three years, older ten. They have no dad and mom. Will they, them too, from for Pitchipoï ? »

Thus the children of Drancy called this eerie place we did not know yet be hell…

(France tortured Gerard Bouaziz.)

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Which, if you fall…

The night before his death

Was the shortest of his life

The idea that there are still

He burned the blood wrists

The weight of his body sickened

His strength did moan

It's at the bottom of this horror

He began to smile

He was not a comrade

But millions and millions

To avenge the, he knew it

And the day came for him.

Paul Eluard.

One fight

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They were 1038

Since January 2019, They are only 4 companions release

Edgard Tupët-Thomé (99 years)

Hubert Germain (99 years)

Daniel Cordier (99 years)

Pierre Simonet (97 years).

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Lord Lovat

Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser dit Lord Lovat :

“You will go home vous.Vous be the first French soldiers in uniform to beat up Boche in France même.Vous go show us what you can do.”

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Baa baa black sheep

The VMA-214 squadron (V pour heavier-than-air, M for Marine and A for Attack) is the heir of the famous VMF-214 (V pour heavier-than-air, M for Marine and F for Fighter) and his equally famous Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington credited 28 wins and holder of the "Medal of Honor", America's highest distinction that will allow him to leave the army with the rank of colonel in 1947.

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