Nowotny command

Jagdgeschwader 7

Major Walter Nowotny – 258 victories.
Dead the 8 November 1944, at 23 years.

“The next day, alert!
Arrival of a powerful formation of American bombers.

The group takes off but the advanced fighter ahead of the enemy bombers is already over the airfield.
We tremble for every Me 262 rolling towards the track.
The loaded fighter squadron protect take-offs and landings, and which is equipped with propeller fighters, is already engaged in fierce aerial combat.
Small caliber Flak guns installed in large numbers around the airfield, bark furiously.
The "Mustangs" and the "Thunderbolts" do not manage to prevent our jet fighters from taking off.
It is nevertheless critical and exciting. Nowotny took off too.
To the radio, we hear his attack orders. Here he announces his first victory, but one of its turbojets no longer works. He wants to try to come back. He can't be far away. We go out. We do not see much : six tenths of clouds.
Here is the whistling sound of a Me 262. It must be Nowotny. You can clearly hear the gusts of rapid-fire cannons and machine guns. Air combat ! A few seconds later, One me 262 emerges vertically from the clouds and crashes to the ground. The explosion forms a black cloud that rises to the sky.
It was the last flight of the first commander of a jet fighter unit.”

Extract of : The first and the last – Adolf Galland –


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1038 forever in our memories

They were 1038

1038 Companions of the Liberation

1038 of this order founded by De Gaulle

1038 to liberate France

1038 of which Hubert Germain rings the end

1038 forever in our memories

Save the country, Victory took (By serving the Fatherland, he won the victory)

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Museum of the Surrender of Reims


Roosevelt High School is not a high school like any other ...

Roosevelt High School today


Indeed, the SHAEF settles in during the last months of 1944 in Reims in a technical teaching college in the greatest secrecy… The walls of the most important room, the War Room, are lined with maps of the different theaters of operations. We immediately feel that momentous decisions have been made in this room. !

The War Room, place of signing of the act of surrender of the armies of the 3rd Reich on 7 May 1945 at 2:41 am for a cessation of fighting on 8 never to 23 h01.


It is in this very place, the 7 May 1945 at 2:41 am, that the German armies surrender ! The fighting must end on 8 May 1945 at 11:01 p.m., that is to say in a little less than 48 hours ! It's the end of the second world war in Europe…



Facsimile of the act of surrender of the Armies of the 3rd Reich and cap of General François Sevez who represented France as a witness during the signing of the act on 7 May 1945.
Entrance to the Museum of the Surrender


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Operation Fortitude : Juan Pujol Garcia

Juan Pujol Garcia, Aka Garbo, was a double agent working for the allies and more particularly the English Mi5 from London.
For the Germans it bears the code name Arabel and informs them of the preparations for the imminent landing in Normandy..
The feat of this outstanding agent is to have given information which seemed correct but ultimately useless and erroneous to the Germans.
They believe in it even though the Germans decorate it with La Croix de Fer…
He also received the Victoria Cross from the British , understandable since he really worked for them.
A few years after the war he disappeared in Africa. Apparently dead…
Over the years 80 he is found by a journalist in South America alive.
Sacred Garbo !

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Destroyer squadron 26 “Horst Wessel”

Heavy Fighter Squadron “bomber destroyers”.

Destroyer squadron 26 “Horst Wessel”

End 1943, Allied bomber raids become a major problem for Germany.
How to stop these flying fortresses effectively ?

Why not equip Messerschmitt Me 410 with a large caliber barrel ? A cannon of 50 mm for example ?
So let's take a Panzer III tank gun from 850 Kg, modified for automatic loading of approx. 15 shots and install it in the nose of the device…
And here is the Me 410 U4 with his Rheinmetall Bordkanone 5 !

The result ? The rate of fire is not famous, about 5 shots and the barrel is blocked and we must not hope to hit the goal with more than 400 meters…

Other devices like the Me 262 were also equipped with this kind of gun but simply as prototypes or in too small series.

machines equipped with rockets that arrive later will have a much better result…

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2 September 1945 – Battleship USS Missouri – Tokyo Bay – Japan.

2 September 1945 USS Missouri Tokyo Bay Japan.

Capitulation of Imperial Japan. End of World War II.

General Douglas MacArthur signs the act of surrender with several black penholders except a red Parker… Two will be offered immediately to the generals who surrendered in the Philippines and Singapore behind him in the photograph. red was Jean's, MacArthur's wife.

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Wanderzirkus Rosarius

Wanderzirkus Rosarius !

1943, The traveling circus Rosarius was a German squadron flying on captured Allied aircraft.

Flying on a B-17 Flying Fortress, on a P-51 Mustang or a Spitfire taught a lot to the commanders of the Luftwaffe on the performance of enemy aircraft and combat tactics used by the allies…

Technical and tactical countermeasures could therefore be developed effectively.

We can use a quote from Sun tzu that is more than 2000 years to sum up the very DNA of this squadron :

"Know the enemy and know yourself ; in a hundred battles you will never be in danger. »

P-51, Spitfire, B-17 in the colors of the 3rd Reich…
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77th anniversary of the liberation of Paris

“Paris ! paris outraged ! paris broke ! paris martyred ! but liberated Paris ! released by itself, liberated by its people with the help of armies of France, with & rsquo; support and assistance of all France, France, which fights, in France alone, the real France, of eternal France.”

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