Poppy Appeal

You have probably noticed that for several weeks “bloomed” poppies on some British personalities ?

The paper poppy, worn in uk (except in Scotland) every year from the end of October until 11 November in exchange for donations to support the families of soldiers killed or injured in combat, appears at the end of the First World War after the allegory of the poem In Flanders Fields de 1915 on the bloody second battle of Ypres.

In the field of honor

In the field of honor, poppies
Are strewn from lot to lot
Near the crosses; and in space
The larks become weary
Mix their songs with the whistle

We are dead
We who were still thinking the day before
To our parents, to our friends,
We are the ones who rest here

In the field of honor.
To you disillusioned young people
It's up to you to carry the banner
And keep deep in your soul
The desire to live in freedom.

Accept the challenge, if not
The poppies will wither
In the field of honor

French adaptation of the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae by Jean Pariseau.

Le partage c'est la liberté

Wounded on the forehead ? Non…Knee !

To the Normandy front
The mind is a convenient shelter in which to take refuge and keep all confusion at ease.
Paul Nougé.

The anecdote is brief, but don't be sad…

In 1955, on the tenth anniversary of the end of the war, when I had just started my career in journalism, I had the idea to go to a hospital reserved for veterans to ask them to tell me where they were on the precise day of Victory and how they experienced the historic event.

My report was intended to be published in a major weekly of the time and also broadcast on Radio-Canada..

Of doubt evidence, the first question addressed to the former soldiers had to concern their state of health. So I asked the first man who came to my mic :

  • Have you been injured in the forehead ?
    his response could not have been more spontaneous.
  • Non, he told me, me, it is on the knee !
    I liquefied because we were live !
  • I understand, I say to him pretending nothing. So you got injured knee…at the front !
  • Non. Just to the knee. Not at the front ! he corrected, surely wondering if he was not dealing with a journalist not very smart or hard of hearing…
    To chain, I begged him to tell me how, on his return from the war (I avoided saying “return from the front”), he had found his own.
  • I went to see my sister again, more, Alas, I did not find it. His apartment was occupied by people I didn't know and who had never heard of she & rsquo; she. I imagined she was dead and nobody had ever said anything about it. After all, we were at war…

    the beauty of the story, it is that after publishing the report, accompanied by the photo of the veteran, I received a letter from his sister, who was alive and well…She had simply changed her address. At the end of the fighting, without news of his brother, she had thought that this one had probably died in the war or, if you prefer…at the front !

Book's extract, The beautiful stories of a dirty war – Alain Stanké.

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Douglas Bader

Douglas Bader
During a meeting with students, RAF ace Douglas Bader talks about the war :

“And so, two of these motherfuckers are behind me, three motherfuckers on the right and one motherfucker on the left.”

The headmistress has turned pale and adds : “Ladies, the Fokker is a German aircraft !”

What Sir Douglas replied to :
“Perhaps, madame, but those motherfuckers were on Messerschmitt !”

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This is the area

1945, the victors share Germany and in particular the capital of the Reich, Berlin, in 4 zones d’occupation. To each his own zone, each his influence…

But is this only valid for Germany and Berlin ?

Austria is in the same boat with a division by sector and its capital, Vienna, oh so symbolic since the Anschluss of 1938, do not escape the rule.
It even has an international zone where its administration is shared by the victors who exchange responsibility for the zone each month..

So the winners organize joint patrols… Americans, French, English, Russians riding in the same Jeep…

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2 September 1945 – Battleship USS Missouri – Tokyo Bay – Japan.

2 September 1945 – Battleship USS Missouri – Tokyo Bay – Japan.

Capitulation of Imperial Japan. End of World War II.

General Douglas MacArthur signs the act of surrender with several black penholders except a red Parker… Two will be offered immediately to the generals who surrendered in the Philippines and Singapore behind him in the photograph. red was Jean's, MacArthur's wife.

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"Shōwa Tennō" Hirohito 124th Emperor of Japan

14 August 1945

"Shōwa Tennō" Hirohito 124th Emperor of Japan

"... However, It is in accordance with the decrees of time and of fate that We have resolved to pave the way for an era of awe-inspiring peace for all generations to come by enduring what cannot be endured and by enduring the unbearable. »

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Paris 25 August 1944

Why do you want us dissimulions l & rsquo; emotion that grips us all, men and women, who are here, home, in Paris to free standing and that has to do with his hands.

Non ! We will not hide the profound and sacred emotion. There is minutes beyond each of our poor lives.

Paris ! paris outraged ! paris broke ! paris martyred ! but liberated Paris ! released by itself, liberated by its people with the help of armies of France, with & rsquo; support and assistance of all France, France, which fights, in France alone, the real France, the eternal France.

well ! since the & rsquo; enemy which held Paris has capitulated in our hands, of France returns to Paris, At her place. She goes there bloody, but resolved. She goes there, lit by the & rsquo; huge lesson, but more certain than ever, its duties and rights.

I say d & rsquo; first of his duties, and I will summarize them all by saying that, for the time being, it s & rsquo; acts of war duties. L & rsquo; tottering foe but n & rsquo; is not yet defeated. It remains on our soil. He does not even suffice than we & rsquo; have, with the assistance of our dear and admirable allies, driven from us as we stood for satisfied after what s & rsquo; s happened. We want to enter its territory as it should, victoriously.

C & rsquo; is why the & rsquo; vanguard French came to Paris with cannon.

C & rsquo; is why the great French army & rsquo; Italy landed in the South ! and quickly goes up the Rhone Valley.

C & rsquo; is why our brave and dear forces of & rsquo; s going inside & rsquo; s arm & rsquo; modern weapons.

C & rsquo; is this revenge, this vengeance and that justice, we will continue to fight until & rsquo; in the last day, up & rsquo; in the day of total victory and complete.

This duty of war, all men who are here and all who hear us in France know that & rsquo; it requires the & rsquo; national unity. We other, who have experienced the greatest moments of our history, we don & rsquo; not want to have anything else to show us, up & rsquo; in the end, worthy of France. Long live France !

General de Gaulle, Paris city hall.

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