Headquarter : General David Eisenhower in Southwick House

Southwick House, near Portsmouth in Hampshire, will become the headquarters of the main allied commanders, headed by General Eisenhower 1943 at 1944.

Southwick House

For example c & rsquo; is from the library of this beautiful residence (False air of the White House in Washington not ?) what, the 5 June 1944, General Eisenhower will take the decision to postpone the landing of Normandy 24 hours due to bad weather.


Southwick House now


Southwick House Location
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Resist !

Quel est le point commun entre la française Germaine Tillion aliasKouridans son réseau Musée de l’Homme, Marie-Madeleine Fourcade également française aliasHérissondans son réseau SR Alliance, la belge Andrée Eugénie Adrienne De Jongh aliasDédéedans son réseau Comète et la norvégienne Anne Sofie Østvedt aliasAslakdans son réseau XU ?

Well, they are among the very few women to have been resistance network leaders !

Liberation Milan 1945 © Getty / Keystone

D & rsquo; backgrounds and nationalities, they all chose to fight against the & rsquo; ogre Hitler.
Some experienced arrests, interrogations, the concentration camps but all have largely lived after the war !

Congratulations ladies !

Marie-Madeleine Fourcade
Andrée Eugénie Adrienne De Jongh
Anne Sofie Østvedt
Germaine Tillion


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Headquarter : L & rsquo; amiral Isoroku Yamamoto à Rabaul

Isoroku Yamamoto (4 avril 1884 18 avril 1943)

Rabaul is a city of New Britain, most of the & rsquo; Bismarck Archipelago, part of Papua New Guinea.
Les Japonais développèrent à Rabaul une base importante qui deviendra le quartier général de la 17e armée. Kilometers of tunnels were dug to protect facilities and, in 1943, there were about 110 000 Japanese soldiers in Rabaul.

The 18 avril 1943, l & rsquo; s & rsquo plane, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, de la marine impériale japonaise et architecte de l’attaque japonaise sur Pearl Harbor du 7 December 1941, was shot down by American fighters after taking off from Rabaul. Its route was known because the Americans had, at this moment, deciphered Japanese codes. So we can say that American intelligence services were more effective than this bunker…

One of these days bunker entries

location of Bunker Rabaul

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Headquarter : Sir Winston Churchill in London

The Churchill War Rooms is located in Clive Steps, King Charles Street, near Horse Guards Parade.
C & rsquo; is a real bunker where over 500 people could work day and night and will be used from August 1939 to September 1945.

Officers of the map room to work in the halls of the War Cabinet 1945

It consists of & rsquo; thirty rooms, the main ones being :

  • The firm Winston Churchill (Cabinet War Room)
  • transatlantic phone room (Transatlantic Telephone Room)
  • The conference room (Chief’s Off Staff)
  • The Chart Room (Maps Room)
  • The Churchill Room

This photo shows the entrance to the apartment number 10 located in the annex, where Churchill and his family lived, just above the Cabinet War Rooms, in the custody of two Royal Marines. The door opened on the side of the photo leads to the rooms of the Cabinet War Room.


L & rsquo; entry of Churchill War Rooms today

Location of Churchill War Rooms in London

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Headquarter : General de Gaulle in London

The headquarters of the Free French Forces (FFL) in London it was in 4 Carlton Gardens.
With effect from 24 July 1940 General de Gaulle moved there the following military and civilian :

  • A hundred soldiers : a military office, a staff (1is, 2e, 3e and 4 offices), stewardship, the treasure, the health, etc…
  • Fifty civilians : a civilian cabinet, a financial service, service external and colonial affairs, technical service and armaments, a legal service, a news and information service and a service of French abroad.


The Headquarters of the free French forces during the war

The same place nowadays

Location of the headquarters in London

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U-480 “Alberich”

The first stealth submarine was German


Le submarine 480 (U-480) is a German submarine, The type VII Alberich, built on the principle of stealth : completely covered with rubber, it was undetectable to Allied sonar.

Its rubber coating was bristling with multiple holes of different diameters, whose main property was d & rsquo; absorbing waves of Allied sonar. This coating was called “Alberich”, also known as the anechoic tiles.

It was also equipped with all new acoustic guided torpedoes.

The U-480 destroyed four Allied ships at d & rsquo; a mission in the Channel 1944, but exploded on a sea mine in the minefield Brazier the D2 29 January 1945 at d & rsquo; a mission in southern & rsquo; Isle of Wight leaving no survivor among the 48 members & rsquo; crew.

Commissioned by & rsquo; Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Förster, he sent to the bottom 14 000 barrels 4 days, despite a hunt at all times by the allied fleet and 92 underwater grenades randomly.

C & rsquo; is the 11 September 1944, off the & rsquo; Ireland, what, breaking his radio silence, by sending his staff results of his mission, that the allies will, for the first time, hear about the process Alberich. The British do not understand what's behind Alberich and think anti-grenades shield submarine or a new way to more powerful propulsion. But it & rsquo; is in discovering the character of & rsquo; Alberich, in an opera Wagner, capable, with a cape, to become invisible, that the allies will understand what constituted the & rsquo; German technological innovation.

At & rsquo; except for the U-480, none of the ten other submarines of this type was lost in combat.

L & rsquo; s & rsquo wreck, U-480 was not found that & rsquo; in 1998 at 58 meters deep with even much of its rubber coating.

After the war, anechoic tiles will not be used before the years 1970, when the Soviet Navy began to take its rubber submarines. Over time, technology progressing, tiles made it possible to dramatically reduce the acoustic signature of the submarine. The tiles of Russian submarines of the Akula class have a thickness d & rsquo; about 100 mm and reduce their acoustic signature 10 at 20 dB (10 % at 1 % of the initial power).

L & rsquo; US Navy began applying anechoic coatings on its submarines from 1988, and other marine followed quickly.

Thank you to my friend Eric and http://bigot45.free.fr

sources : wikipedia, www.libertyship.be, www.alberniproject.org


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Always on & rsquo; German time

France is still living on the time zone of the & rsquo; Occupation…

At & rsquo; arrival of German in 1940, France has advanced his watch d & rsquo; s an hour to & rsquo; align with the & rsquo; Germany. This decision n & rsquo; has never been canceled.

Nazi Germany occupied France in June 1940. We are then in the summer time (GMT+1), in force in France between March and October since the law of 24 May 1923. The rest of the & rsquo; year, France is GMT, therefore aligned with the & rsquo; England.

Except that in Berlin, it is an hour later and the Germans arriving in France does not intend to upset their habits.

In the occupied territories, So we advance his hands an hour (GMT + 1 to GMT + 2), to pass the time was German. France therefore finds "to the & rsquo; German time", expression that come into the everyday language.

To avoid problems, the German army imposes the German time as and when it progresses. The adoption of the German time in occupied territory will sometimes be legalized, as in the official bulletin of the city of Paris from 15 June, which invited "to forward one hour clocks, clocks and watches the 14 June 23 h, so as to bring them at midnight ", but more often, the public will be informed by orders of the military authorities or the press.

The speaking clock of the Paris Observatory, inaugurated in 1933, who had temporarily worked from Bordeaux, and had stopped issuing, resumed its operation "German time".

The time change will apply only occupied area. Paris will be well ahead one hour in Vichy.

France finds itself so divided in two by the line. This poses some problems at the SNCF.

To end delay problems, This is the train that offers the Vichy government to align also the German time, that & rsquo; it is by the decree of 16 February 1941.

At the Liberation, an order that provides for DST, or "German time", Your GMT + 2, will be removed in two stages. The returns of France & rsquo; First GMT +1 whole & rsquo; year, and plans to come back later to GMT.

But the second round was canceled by Decree No. 45-2782 of 5 November 1945 and France remained on time (GMT + 1) summer, or, in other words, ... to the German winter time. She remained there until 28 mars 1976, when following the first oil crisis, President Giscard restore DST (GMT+2) to reduce the country's energy consumption.

To summarize:
before 1923, France, lived in & rsquo; BST (GMT)
of 1923 at 1940, it is the & rsquo; s UK time & rsquo; winter, but not the & rsquo; was where she lives to GMT + 1
of 1940 at 1945, she lives entirely in & rsquo; German time (GMT+2).
of 1945 at 1976, she lives in the & rsquo; German time the & rsquo; winter, but not the & rsquo; summer.
Since 1976, we are again fully in & rsquo; German time, summer, like winter.

Thank you to Eric and http://bigot45.free.fr

sources : wikipedia, slate.fr

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Langham DOME : Small building BIG STORY !

The anti-aircraft high-tech shooting simulator.

In 1941, to improve the quality of air defenses, the English are developing a new type of simulator for training of their gunners.

These simulators take the form of domes to allow men to practice shooting from the floor with anti-aircraft weapons, without wasting ammunition. The dome resembles a planetarium.

Inside, the dome is movie screen automatically on which are projected images of planes. Sound effects reproduce the conditions of fighting.
Gunner training follows the target in the viewfinder of his fake gun and shoots rays of light above. An instructor observes and helps by correcting his mistakes. At the end of the year we note results.

This system was far ahead of its time. The technology is so revolutionary for the time is classified “Top secret”.

Several domes exist, including the Langham in Norfolk which has been restored and became a museum to remember this amazing story !


Thank you to Eric for this article very interesting and its http://bigot45.free.fr

source : https://langhamdome.org/
videos : http://britishpathe.com/video/dome-trainer/query/anti, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REejI_V09xw

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