Creative Current : Repainting an original hull with M42 camouflage 3 tone "Normandy"

After "tinkering" of Spanish Z-42, I wanted to redo an old original hull of German helmet ...
The idea is certainly not to remake a headset in its own juice and sacrificed its authenticity, but to redo a helmet that is not worth much and that does not look like much either.
We must find an original and clean hull with an acceptable price, indeed a new copy of German helmet will not look away price level, fifty euros.
Being in Normandy during celebrations of 74 th anniversary of the landing, I walked around in several military scholarships. Obviously I did not buy anything in terms of price, but it gives an idea of ​​the market. We have on helmets at all prices, for example a helmet 200 Euro has no interest in my project but a helmet perforated by rust and deformed 30 Euro did not either ! The only interesting was priced at 90 € which is still too expensive for hull painting.
Second search option : Internet. His main problem is not being able to "touch" the product and shipping costs that are added .... We Boncoin, surplus sites, and eBay ... The last option is interesting because we have the principle of auction !! I limit myself at auction in France (for the lowest course postage).
Search on eBay : What to search ? "German Helmet" "German heer helmet" "German helmet ww2" "German helmet" "Helmet M35" "M40 Helmet" "Helmet M42" etc ...
There are many in all price ... And I noticed a particularly fun, it really is everything, see for yourself this ad I had a good laugh, read the description ! A real modification of the land… Yes ok by the Norman farmers…
Back on topic ! the M35, M40 are not in the budget, or too degraded. It will be an M42 ...
I found two or three ads in my prices that end in a few days, starting price 30 ... For the euro M42, just the hull or with a remainder of cap. 30 euro is obviously the starting price, and the same price a few minutes before the end of the auction is not significant, Indeed, if you do not already know about eBay must bid at the last moment, not at the last minute, but in the final seconds to style everyone on the wire !! For the first headset with the rest cap it was too expensive a few minutes before the end of the auction so I threw in the towel. Regarding the other, I managed to have it in the final seconds to just over € 60 with shipping costs, it almost amounts to 70 € ... It's already a bit expensive but I have nothing else as fresh as I have already painting !!
Here status reception helmet with its original marking (We are therefore in the presence of an M42 shell size manufacturer hkp 64 with the lot number 16462)
Marking the manufacturer hkp
First stage : there are more paint, we'll just remove the rust and make a quick pickling steel wool and sandpaper.
Second step : Application of the first sand layer without excess for the defects of the helmet stand, the goal is not to make it a new helmet !
First layer “KHAKI TROPICS”
WH Painting. Khaki tropics

Third step : application du marron “Mud Brown”

Peinture Mud Brown

step Four : green feldgrau (I do not have the green tint that matches those found on helmets three-tone "Normandy" so we will with feldgrau ...)

Feldgrau Painting

fifth step : before drying, I randomly scratched the final coat of paint to create some flaws.

sixth stage : Brush application of a diluted acrylic paint brown.

About 2 working hours !


And here is the rest after a few months of waiting !
A piece of chicken wire, a wire aging days in white vinegar, and a humidifier layer to have a nice patina.

Next step : the inner cap !

The M42 is finally finished with its interior and chin strap.

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