A Charms or nothing !

The sweets with fruit Charms were provided in US food rations to bring some color and especially sugar in diets rather drab olive color…

The definition of "charms" word for these sweets is "something that brings luck" but paradoxically for some years for the American GI, particularly in the Marine Corps, it's bad luck !

If an accident happens is that someone ate an Charms; Charms sucking a lemon and you head to a vehicle breakdown, a lime and it rains, another raspberry for very superstitious means death.

The Charms not have the same success that there 75 years…

But you can still buy and I have not "yet" had a car breakdown !

Lily Marlene

his Heip, German officer is the origin of the song "Lili Marlene" in 1915. His poem speaks of love and separation. This is the song that reunites the two camps, a hymn to love. Lili Marlene became THE WWII song.

I remember


I remember & rsquo; time
I don & rsquo; have not known
I remember & rsquo; one day
I don & rsquo; have not lived
I remember everything
But I don & rsquo; saw nothing
and if I m & rsquo; remember,
it is because I am free.

Resistance continues

A song takes off

FTo be one of them mesh, building where reigns the shadow,

Where the Sun Never luit qu'entre des murs très hauts,

Where the eyes seeking new horizons

Faces the gray, dark uniformity.

It's sad that Roquette, far from life,

Are those who are accused of loving their country too

A song takes off and rises and fills the suburb,

Claiming up hatred well, suffering and hope.

French, deliver us ! You can not know

How long is the wait and the heavy silence !

jacqueline Color – Rocket – 14 July 1943.

Excerpt from The Tortured France Gérard Bouaziz (Preface Lucie Aubrac)


Axis Sally

Mildred Elizabeth Like.

Alias Axis Sally, American native of Portland moved in years 1930 in Germany.

It becomes presenter on Radio Berlin 1940.

she runs up & rsquo; to 6 May 1945 a Nazi propaganda show aimed at English-speaking population and troops.

The aim was to undermine their morale, referring for example & rsquo; unfaithful wives and girlfriends of soldiers, or threaten with devious words of famous songs like Double dare you Louis Armstrong. « I double dare you to come over here, i double dare you to venture to near… »

What is d & rsquo him being dubbed by the American and British Tommies boys Axis Sally or the bitch of Berlin…The bitch Berlin !

she became the first woman to be convicted of treason against the United States.

released in 1961, she died on 25 June 1988 in Columbus ohio.