Creative Current : Repainting a benzin kanister ABP

Confinement is an opportunity to work on small jobs that have been forgotten for too long. “I will do that when I have time”.

Now is the time to take care of this jerry can, of 1940 made by ABP (Ambi-Budd Presswerke) for the Wehrmacht, that I had recovered when buying the Jeep Willys in August 2018.
Unfortunately this “Gasoline canister” was recently repainted in khaki, its original side is therefore lost but its authenticity remains proven. He is also too tired to serve as a can, it will therefore end in decoration with a new paint Wehrmacht gray blue !

Indeed, pickling the khaki green layer, we find the previous layers of paint. And yes this little container must have seen all colors ! So we find the original layer of red rustproofing, then the layer of blue gray and over a layer beige sand color or maybe Wehrmacht khaki tropen… This layer of beige was probably made in the workshop because of its quality of realization.

Let's talk about the interior. The sides are in perfect condition with the red anti-rust layer present. For the bottom it is another story…

Indeed a layer of sediment covers it, at least on 2 centimeters thick (the little pieces that look like “nuggets” on one of the photos…) and the metal is also perforated in several places. There is also a little Sintofer…

After a few hours of work, the result is pretty good.
Gasoline canister ABP 1940

Le partage c'est la liberté

Jeep Willys MB 1944

End August 2018, with my father we undertook to completely recondition a Willys MB December 1944 with the aim of being able to take him to Normandie for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
9 month to disassemble, clean, sand down, sabers, stretch, souder, remove layers of SINTOFER, delete old repairs or approximations.

9 month to look for the right parts, the good fixtures.

9 month working, achieved in large part by my father, with my modest help.

And today we can say, that the objective was fully achieved, since Antoinette will be present in Normandy for the 75th !

See you on the beach !

The Willys after the war in the fields
The Willys after a few hours of complete disassembly…
The Willys today again in the fields !

More let's go back a few years before ....

It's the end of the war in Europe, this Willys MB ends it in a surplus.
Indeed, in France, specialized motor vehicles, out of military need, like trucks, tractors are rare and sought after after these terrible years of occupation.
It is therefore possible for farmers to obtain a substitute vehicle for agricultural work.. Like a GMC or a Jeep in order to increase the yields essential to a starving France.

Our Willys therefore finds himself working in the fields in the department of Aube.
After this second civilian life, the farmer's grandson will keep it to resell it a few years ago to another farmer from whom we finally bought it.

Le partage c'est la liberté

Before now : M42

Restoration a original hull of HKP manufacturer impacted : A light feldgrau painting with preserved national insignia, Finally what is left, and a thin layer of non-uniform saturator for soiling effect.

The goal is not to make something new, Indeed, the helmet will be a final destination Willys Jeep !

Transaction amount : 60 € (Ebay auction for the helmet and including postage), painting the I & rsquo; had already !

Le partage c'est la liberté

Panels of the landing beaches

Handcrafted panels of the Normandy landing beaches and airborne troops.

Each panel is made to order and is therefore unique !

To know more : or

Here are some examples of the numerous possibilities !



Le partage c'est la liberté