Donald Duck made propaganda

Upon entry into the war the United States in December 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, propaganda has become a priority and the US government knows.
The Disney then drop the military contract 8 December 1941.
Disney must produce 20 shorts for teaching & rsquo; army, they will make 77 up & rsquo; in 1945.
The studios will change Featured, highlighting Donald Duck. More angry and feisty, he passed a message stronger than Mickey because it is seen as too cheerful and lacking in character.


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Yes but patches of Disney patches !

The period of World War II is marked by unbridled convergence towards the war effort. Very many d & rsquo; n & rsquo companies; have nothing to do with the war will concentrate part of their work, see the whole, to a growing demand of the Government.
Disney Studios there will also participate in their own way.
Indeed, many military insignia at the request of the battalions, squadrons and other divisions of the & rsquo; US military will be drawn by Disney Studios.
More than 1 200 Badges will be created by famous artists studios. Often from d & rsquo; a specific request, like the famous Flying Tigers.

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Spandau Prison

Here is the famous prison Spandau, built west of Berlin 1876 for purposes of military prison accommodating approximately 600 captives. She became best known from 1947 with imprisonment of seven former senior Nazis convicted at the Nuremberg trials. These seven prisoners will be kept in rotation with a monthly change winners 1945 : Americans, the Soviets, English and French.

here are the 6 first prisoners :

Konstantin von Neurath (1873-1956) released 1954 ;

Erich Raeder (1876-1960) released 1955

Karl Dönitz (1891-1980) released 1956

Walther Funk (1890-1960) released 1957

Baldur von Schirach (1907-1974) released 1966

Albert Speer (1905-1981) released 1966


And finally the youngest "tenant" of this prison, the famous prisoner number 7, Rudolf Hess (1894-1987).
He will be in effect from 1966 the last and only prisoner at Spandau until his alleged suicide by hanging in 1987 at the age of 93 years.
We can say that Rudolf Hess was a regular prison : He began with a stay at the Landsberg prison 1923, with amongst other Hitler, after the failed putsch in Munich brewery.
Subsequently in May 1941 he flew to Scotland to meet with the Duke of Hamilton, likely to propose a peace treaty with the UK, but the plan is not working as it should and Hess finds himself trapped in England until the end of the war.
Then his conviction at Nuremberg sign his arrival at Spandau until the end of his life.

The prison will be of 1987 destroyed to avoid gatherings nostalgic of a Thousand Year Reich..


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The real James Bond

Dušan Popov aka Tricycle was a double agent working for both the German secret services of the Abwehr and for Her Majesty's Secret Service !

With its coverage of & rsquo; d & rsquo man, businessman working in the & rsquo; import export, skillfully, it informs the German with a mixture of real information but no real strategic interest and false information developed by the British service “Double Cross”.

C & rsquo; is in Portugal, neutral country, that & rsquo; usually his German liaison officer to contact the casino of the Hotel Palacio in Estoril. C & rsquo; is in the same casino that Dusko Popov crosses the & rsquo; MI5 agent Ian Fleming.

Popov mise, once, the 38 000 dollar mission expenses on a baccarat table and wins the hand to bluff facing a rich Lithuanian vantard.Ce bluff is immortalized in Casino Royale, first James Bond novel written by Fleming.

Dusan Popov will also be sent by & rsquo; Germany at Pearl Harbor on request of the Japanese to retrieve information for the & rsquo; developing their attack 7 December 1941.

Obviously it informs the British and Americans who will therefore warned several months before & rsquo; attack the Japanese collect information on their base. But the US Secret Service will not take this information as a serious threat…

We know the rest.

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Pumpkin bomb

Les « pumpkin bomb » (pumpkin bombs) were classic aerial bombs developed by in the Manhattan Project and used by the air forces of the US military against Japan during World War II.
It was an exact replica of the bomb Fat Man plutonium (pictured in the publication) with the same ballistic characteristics , but using conventional non-nuclear conventional explosives.
They were primarily used for testing purposes in training or in combat.
486 units are produced.

The name of “pumpkin bomb” was used in official documents to refer to the large ellipsoidal shape instead of the more usual cylindrical shape of the other bombs. A big pumpkin finally 🎃

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A Charms or nothing !

The sweets with fruit Charms were provided in US food rations to bring some color and especially sugar in diets rather drab olive color…

The definition of "charms" word for these sweets is "something that brings luck" but paradoxically for some years for the American GI, particularly in the Marine Corps, it's bad luck !

If an accident happens is that someone ate an Charms; Charms sucking a lemon and you head to a vehicle breakdown, a lime and it rains, another raspberry for very superstitious means death.

The Charms not have the same success that there 75 years…

But you can still buy and I have not "yet" had a car breakdown !

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World Exhibition

World Expo 1937 in Paris. The German pavilion designed by Albert Speer faced the Soviet pavilion…

The foreshadowing of an ideological shock and unprecedented warrior !

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Axis Sally

Mildred Elizabeth Like.

Alias Axis Sally, American native of Portland moved in years 1930 in Germany.

It becomes presenter on Radio Berlin 1940.

she runs up & rsquo; to 6 May 1945 a Nazi propaganda show aimed at English-speaking population and troops.

The aim was to undermine their morale, referring for example & rsquo; unfaithful wives and girlfriends of soldiers, or threaten with devious words of famous songs like Double dare you Louis Armstrong. « I double dare you to come over here, i double dare you to venture to near… »

What is d & rsquo him being dubbed by the American and British Tommies boys Axis Sally or the bitch of Berlin…The bitch Berlin !

she became the first woman to be convicted of treason against the United States.

released in 1961, she died on 25 June 1988 in Columbus ohio.

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