Resistance continues

A song takes off

FTo be one of them mesh, building where reigns the shadow,

Where the Sun Never luit qu'entre des murs très hauts,

Where the eyes seeking new horizons

Faces the gray, dark uniformity.

It's sad that Roquette, far from life,

Are those who are accused of loving their country too

A song takes off and rises and fills the suburb,

Claiming up hatred well, suffering and hope.

French, deliver us ! You can not know

How long is the wait and the heavy silence !

jacqueline Color – Rocket – 14 July 1943.

Excerpt from The Tortured France Gérard Bouaziz (Preface Lucie Aubrac)


Le partage c'est la liberté

The invasion 48 hours

Excerpt from the diary of the steps and operations of the 15th German Army alluding to Verlaine messages captured on the BBC by the German intelligence service.

"The long sobs of autumn violins

Wound my heart a monotonous languor. »

According to this message the invasion will begin in the next 48 hours….

Le partage c'est la liberté

Wüstenfuchs "the Desert Fox"

" Believe me, only, the first twenty-four hours of the invasion will be decisive… The fate of Germany depends…For Allies, as for us, it will be the longest day. »

Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel.

In his aide, the capitaine Helmuth Lange, 22 avril 1944


Le partage c'est la liberté

I take my suitcase

Here is a song, somewhat diverted, that & rsquo; loved to sing my grandmother in years 40 in Normandy ! I kiss the way.

I take my suitcase,
My cane and my seed,
My big, gray trunk and my p & rsquo; tit handbag.
And I go to the station saying j & rsquo;'m sick of the shit Petain !

Le partage c'est la liberté

La Marseillaise

De many testimonies evoke the Marseillaise sung lustily as the ultimate form of resistance, of rebellion and solidarity when otherwise impossible. Even in German prisons, as Montluc, in the spring 1944, when the Gestapo came regularly take hostages : “For this time*, our cell was lucky, because no one has been appointed to this new adventure. The command to start was repeated by all supervisors. Unforgettable moments. All starters sang the "Marseillaise". More raw Gestapo and soldiers of the escort were shouting and threatening to silence, our comrades sang more loudly. There were fists and rifle butts. We, in cells, to tears, we approve the hitting as we could with our hands and feet against the door. I never heard him sing our national anthem with conviction. Then it was the "Song of Farewell". We could hear them go ".

*Testimony of Rene Bronner. Excerpt from The Tortured France Gérard Bouaziz (Preface Lucie Aubrac, a difficult book to read but absolutely)

Le partage c'est la liberté

Bloody Omaha


Le colonel George A. Taylor, commander 16 th regiment the famous 1 ère division d’infanterie « The big red one », yells to his troops on Omaha beach : "There are two kinds of people staying on this beach: those who died and those who will die. Now, go out d & rsquo; here. »

Le partage c'est la liberté

Let us be firm

"Let us be firm, proud and loyal ; the end of our troubles, there the glory of the world, that of men who have not surrendered. »

Charles de Gaulle, 14 July 1943


Le partage c'est la liberté

Louis de Cazenave

« La guerre ? Hay hay hay ! An absurd thing, inutile ! À quoi ça sert de massacrer des gens ? Nothing can justify the, rien ! »

Louis de Cazenave (1897-2008) Last survivor of the Chemin des Dames and penultimate hairy alive.

Le partage c'est la liberté

Marcel.P 6 June 1944

My paternal grandfather was studying medicine in Caen on landing.
He lived in the city center, Jail street right next to the castle walls.
On the morning of 6 June, it goes up on the roof where he hears and sees off the shooting of the Allied navy, Then the bombing of the & rsquo; Allied aircraft… C & rsquo; is landing… He decides to go with two suitcases…

Here is his course :

– The “traced back” to the botanical garden in Caen.

Garden plants destroyed 1944 after bombing (Col. Please.)


– Then he left for Maltot (southwest of Caen) and retrieves a wheelbarrow…

Village Maltot after fighting.

– Then Esquay-Notre-Dame where there is not, because seeing the & rsquo; & rsquo installation; d & rsquo a battery; German artillery, he prefers from : Indeed the village (cote 112) will undergo heavy fighting, the village was totally destroyed…

Esquay Notre Dame – Cote 112


– then Evrecy.


The 15 June during the night, At about three o'clock in the morning, Allied bombs rained down on the town of Evrecy. In twenty minutes, the village is razed : 130 deaths 400 inhabitants !

– He returned to Caen to get his album, the streets are deserted and in ruins…

Gaol street – Caen- 1944

It will take several days to reach the Paris region, Sartrouville, where his parents live…

During his journey, he meets some fighters, including the Canadian.
L & rsquo; a two, he woman are canif… Here aujourd & rsquo; hui :

He currently lives in Paris soon 98 years…

Le partage c'est la liberté