Headquarter : Joseph Stalin in Moscow

Bunker Stalin Izmailovo is the & rsquo; one of the most secret places of Moscow, where many important decisions were taken during the Second World War !

A bunker in Moscow which could accommodate up 1 000 people, tanks and vehicles, Conference round room, Stalin's firm, a dining room very spacious and Stalin's room are examples of the multitude of rooms and facilities that make up the headquarters.

Since the bunker, Stalin could go directly to the Kremlin through a tunnel built parallel to a subway line to keep secret work.

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Bunker Location in Moscow
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Headquarter : General David Eisenhower in Southwick House

Southwick House, near Portsmouth in Hampshire, will become the headquarters of the main allied commanders, headed by General Eisenhower 1943 at 1944.

Southwick House

For example c & rsquo; is from the library of this beautiful residence (False air of the White House in Washington not ?) what, the 5 June 1944, General Eisenhower will take the decision to postpone the landing of Normandy 24 hours due to bad weather.


Southwick House now


Southwick House Location
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Headquarter : L & rsquo; amiral Isoroku Yamamoto à Rabaul

Isoroku Yamamoto (4 avril 1884 – 18 avril 1943)

Rabaul is a city of New Britain, most of the & rsquo; Bismarck Archipelago, part of Papua New Guinea.
The Japanese developed Rabaul an important basis that will become the headquarters of the 17th Army. Kilometers of tunnels were dug to protect facilities and, in 1943, there were about 110 000 Japanese soldiers in Rabaul.

The 18 avril 1943, l & rsquo; s & rsquo plane, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the Imperial Japanese Navy and architect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the 7 December 1941, was shot down by American fighters after taking off from Rabaul. Its route was known because the Americans had, at this moment, deciphered Japanese codes. So we can say that American intelligence services were more effective than this bunker…

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location of Bunker Rabaul

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Headquarter : Sir Winston Churchill in London

The Churchill War Rooms is located in Clive Steps, King Charles Street, near Horse Guards Parade.
C & rsquo; is a real bunker where over 500 people could work day and night and will be used from August 1939 to September 1945.

Officers of the map room to work in the halls of the War Cabinet 1945

It consists of & rsquo; thirty rooms, the main ones being :

  • The firm Winston Churchill (Cabinet War Room)
  • transatlantic phone room (Transatlantic Telephone Room)
  • The conference room (Chief’s Off Staff)
  • The Chart Room (Maps Room)
  • The Churchill Room

This photo shows the entrance to the apartment number 10 located in the annex, where Churchill and his family lived, just above the Cabinet War Rooms, in the custody of two Royal Marines. The door opened on the side of the photo leads to the rooms of the Cabinet War Room.


L & rsquo; entry of Churchill War Rooms today

Location of Churchill War Rooms in London

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Headquarter : General de Gaulle in London

The headquarters of the Free French Forces (FFL) in London it was in 4 Carlton Gardens.
With effect from 24 July 1940 General de Gaulle moved there the following military and civilian :

  • A hundred soldiers : a military office, a staff (1is, 2e, 3e and 4 offices), stewardship, the treasure, the health, etc…
  • Fifty civilians : a civilian cabinet, a financial service, service external and colonial affairs, technical service and armaments, a legal service, a news and information service and a service of French abroad.


The Headquarters of the free French forces during the war

The same place nowadays

Location of the headquarters in London

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Headquarter : Adolf Hitler in Berlin

The master of Nazi Germany had many command posts, such as the famous Wolfsschanze in Poland, le Wolfsschlucht II en France. We will focus on the most important, le Führerbunker de Berlin !

The Führerbunker is located in Berlin 8.2 depth of meters below the gardens of the new Reich Chancellery. It is connected directly to Vorbunker found under the & rsquo; former chancery.
So we have a complex of two bunkers.

This command center is particularly known, Indeed, c & rsquo; is where the madness of the Führer came to an end with his suicide the 30 avril 1945.

Photo July 1947 showing & rsquo; back entrance Führerbunker, in the garden of the Reich Chancellery.

The same place, later still 1947 after demolition attempts.

The Führerbunker included about thirty small rooms on two levels. He owned outlets leading to the main buildings and an output d & rsquo; emergency overlooking the garden of the Chancellery.

Plan du Führerbunker : 1. Wall (2,2 m d & rsquo; thickness) ; 2. Part ventilationa ; 3. order ; 4. exit to the garden by stairs ; 5. room Goebbels ; 6. Infirmary ; 7. lit ; 8. safe ; 9. chaise ; 10. table ; 11. armoire ; 12. Goebbels office and doctor's room ; 13. meeting room ; 14. meeting room / dining plans and maps ; 15. switchboard, Office Bormann and Gardesa hall ; 16. generator / fan ; 17. Office Hitler ; 18. bathroom / dressing room ; 19. room d & rsquo; Eva Braun ; 20. d & rsquo room; electrical switches ; 21. bathroom ; 22. corridor/salon ; 23. Double reinforced doors ; 24. corridor/salon ; 25. stairs to Vorbunker ; 26. bureau ; 27. sofa ; 28. chairs ; 29. Room Hitler ; 30. Hitler exhibition.

The new and old Chancellery were demolished by the Soviets between 1945 and 1949. The Führerbunker was also partially demolished because Russian feared that the place becomes a meditation place of neo-Nazi movements.
Nowadays, despite attempts by dismantling Russian and earthworks for new home construction in the years 90, some parts of the bunker are still present.

Sign indicating the location of Führerbunker in 2007

Führerbunker Location in Berlin

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