general Patton

"Never a guy has won a war by dying for his country. We win by arranging for it to be the type of side who dies for his country. »
General George Patton

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The Liberators

Lithography “The Liberators”, with original signatures of four veterans of the famous Easy Compagny, of 506 Regiment 101 nd Airborne Division, made famous by the series “Band of Brothers”.
It is a single copy, because each lithograph is signed by veterans of this 506 regiment.

Veterans whose signature is present on lithography

Lynn Compton dit Buck Compton
Lynn Compton dit Buck Compton
Donald Malarkey
Donald Malarkey














Darrell Powers dit Shifty Powers
Darrell Powers dit Shifty Powers







Earl ‘One Lung’ McClung
Le partage c'est la liberté

Do not forget me

Always nice to hear “A summer 44” : musical comedy by Jean-Jacques Goldman, Charles Aznavour, Alain Chamfort, Yves Duteil, Maxime Le Forestier etc.…

Le partage c'est la liberté

Marcel.P 6 June 1944

My paternal grandfather was studying medicine in Caen on landing.
He lived in the city center, Jail street right next to the castle walls.
On the morning of 6 June, it goes up on the roof where he hears and sees off the shooting of the Allied navy, Then the bombing of the & rsquo; Allied aircraft… C & rsquo; is landing… He decides to go with two suitcases…

Here is his course :

– The “traced back” to the botanical garden in Caen.

Garden plants destroyed 1944 after bombing (Col. Please.)


– Then he left for Maltot (southwest of Caen) and retrieves a wheelbarrow…

Village Maltot after fighting.

– Then Esquay-Notre-Dame where there is not, because seeing the & rsquo; & rsquo installation; d & rsquo a battery; German artillery, he prefers from : Indeed the village (cote 112) will undergo heavy fighting, the village was totally destroyed…

Esquay Notre Dame – Cote 112


– then Evrecy.


The 15 June during the night, At about three o'clock in the morning, Allied bombs rained down on the town of Evrecy. In twenty minutes, the village is razed : 130 deaths 400 inhabitants !

– He returned to Caen to get his album, the streets are deserted and in ruins…

Gaol street – Caen- 1944

It will take several days to reach the Paris region, Sartrouville, where his parents live…

During his journey, he meets some fighters, including the Canadian.
L & rsquo; a two, he woman are canif… Here aujourd & rsquo; hui :

He currently lives in Paris soon 97 years…

Le partage c'est la liberté