"Shōwa Tennō" Hirohito 124th Emperor of Japan

14 August 1945

"Shōwa Tennō" Hirohito 124th Emperor of Japan

"... However, It is in accordance with the decrees of time and of fate that We have resolved to pave the way for an era of awe-inspiring peace for all generations to come by enduring what cannot be endured and by enduring the unbearable. »

Le partage c'est la liberté

Paris 25 August 1944

Why do you want us dissimulions l & rsquo; emotion that grips us all, men and women, who are here, home, in Paris to free standing and that has to do with his hands.

Non ! We will not hide the profound and sacred emotion. There is minutes beyond each of our poor lives.

Paris ! paris outraged ! paris broke ! paris martyred ! but liberated Paris ! released by itself, liberated by its people with the help of armies of France, with & rsquo; support and assistance of all France, France, which fights, in France alone, the real France, the eternal France.

well ! since the & rsquo; enemy which held Paris has capitulated in our hands, of France returns to Paris, At her place. She goes there bloody, but resolved. She goes there, lit by the & rsquo; huge lesson, but more certain than ever, its duties and rights.

I say d & rsquo; first of his duties, and I will summarize them all by saying that, for the time being, it s & rsquo; acts of war duties. L & rsquo; tottering foe but n & rsquo; is not yet defeated. It remains on our soil. He does not even suffice than we & rsquo; have, with the assistance of our dear and admirable allies, driven from us as we stood for satisfied after what s & rsquo; s happened. We want to enter its territory as it should, victoriously.

C & rsquo; is why the & rsquo; vanguard French came to Paris with cannon.

C & rsquo; is why the great French army & rsquo; Italy landed in the South ! and quickly goes up the Rhone Valley.

C & rsquo; is why our brave and dear forces of & rsquo; s going inside & rsquo; s arm & rsquo; modern weapons.

C & rsquo; is this revenge, this vengeance and that justice, we will continue to fight until & rsquo; in the last day, up & rsquo; in the day of total victory and complete.

This duty of war, all men who are here and all who hear us in France know that & rsquo; it requires the & rsquo; national unity. We other, who have experienced the greatest moments of our history, we don & rsquo; not want to have anything else to show us, up & rsquo; in the end, worthy of France. Long live France !

General de Gaulle, Paris city hall.

Le partage c'est la liberté


“Normandy, this Normandy that we always want to see again as the song says, after all, it's a little home, all the more so with us today since some of our guys are sleeping there their last sleep under this rich soil that their ancestors left to go and found New France.”

Marcel Ouimet, war correspondent for Radio-Canada, landed on 6 June 1944

Le partage c'est la liberté

They landed !

“Under the command of General Eisenhower, the allied naval forces, supported by powerful air forces, began this morning to land the Allied armies on the north coast of France”

Colonel Ernest Dupuy. General Dwight D's press officer. Eisenhower. 6 June 1944 9h33.

Le partage c'est la liberté