Chartres is preparing for war !

General de Gaulle out of Our Lady of Chartres in August 1944.

End of August 1939 war becomes inevitable, it actually broke out on September 1 following.

The protection of windows of the Charters of the Cathedral begins 25 August. protection, is meant removal ! Indeed the complete removal of stained glass, more than 2500 square meters, is carried out in ten days ! It must be said that the same operation had already been taken to the First World War.

The windows are all numbered (They still are today as you can see in the pictures) and carefully stored in boxes, themselves stored in the crypt of the cathedral.

With the German advance, it was decided to move the boxes in the Périgord careers to hide there, the rest is nothing less than our national Jean Moulin, who organized transport, it was indeed Charters prefect at the time… But there was no time, only a little more 500 boxes on 1000 were finally moved from the crypt to the Périgord.

The windows will find their place in the cathedral 1948.

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