Jeep Willys MB 1944

End August 2018, with my father we undertook to completely recondition a Willys MB December 1944 with the aim of being able to take him to Normandie for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
9 month to disassemble, clean, sand down, sabers, stretch, souder, remove layers of SINTOFER, delete old repairs or approximations.

9 month to look for the right parts, the good fixtures.

9 month working, achieved in large part by my father, with my modest help.

And today we can say, that the objective was fully achieved, since Antoinette will be present in Normandy for the 75th !

See you on the beach !

The Willys after the war in the fields
The Willys after a few hours of complete disassembly…
The Willys today again in the fields !

More let's go back a few years before ....

It's the end of the war in Europe, this Willys MB ends it in a surplus.
Indeed, in France, specialized motor vehicles, out of military need, like trucks, tractors are rare and sought after after these terrible years of occupation.
It is therefore possible for farmers to obtain a substitute vehicle for agricultural work.. Comme un GMC ou une Jeep afin d’augmenter les rendements indispensables à une France affamée.

Our Willys therefore finds himself working in the fields in the department of Aube.
After this second civilian life, the farmer's grandson will keep it to resell it a few years ago to another farmer from whom we finally bought it.

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