Langham DOME : Small building BIG STORY !

The anti-aircraft high-tech shooting simulator.

In 1941, to improve the quality of air defenses, the English are developing a new type of simulator for training of their gunners.

These simulators take the form of domes to allow men to practice shooting from the floor with anti-aircraft weapons, without wasting ammunition. The dome resembles a planetarium.

Inside, the dome is movie screen automatically on which are projected images of planes. Sound effects reproduce the conditions of fighting.
Gunner training follows the target in the viewfinder of his fake gun and shoots rays of light above. An instructor observes and helps by correcting his mistakes. At the end of the year we note results.

This system was far ahead of its time. The technology is so revolutionary for the time is classified “Top secret”.

Several domes exist, including the Langham in Norfolk which has been restored and became a museum to remember this amazing story !


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