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I believe my interest as well to the stories of the "winning side" than those of the vanquished, indeed behind a cause, a doctrine, an order, there are men who face the horrors of war… To get an overall idea of ​​a conflict must study the different parts. However, Hindsight is vital not to fall into the trap of interpretations, confusions, misconceptions of its authors. This remains a fabulous historic trip ! Happy reading.

Today, we will look at this young Belgian, Charles Demoulin, and its lights birds !
His autobiography tells his choice of engagement in Allied aircraft despite innumerable difficulties, it will overcome all !
Driver Typhoon, shot six times by flak, a particularly incredible saga in Europe inflamed by total war. Just as Clostermann or Galland, Demoulin reading is undoubtedly !

as extract, the first page of his book, nothing to write more :

“As long as humanity will find exceptional people, volunteers and chivalrous defense of freedom, the price of the ultimate sacrifice, the world will keep some hope of a brighter future.”

Charles Demoulin

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