Theater Seating : the démocrassouille

Here is an excerpt from the play “top Allies”, an extraordinary moment, the meeting of de Gaulle and Churchill as being there ! 
De Gaulle – Yes, but it does not last! Brighten the brilliance of their country on the world's stages, the French will cheer you : you are a great man, to whom all is forgiven. But they get tired of glory, as we get tired of a woman : one day or another, they do pay you. They quickly return to the shade of their shops, burning they worship the eve. Returning to their favorite pastime…
CHURCHILL – And what is it ?
De Gaulle – The coffee trade…Change the world…Each French has an opinion on everything : since the dogs admitted to the squares to the conduct of foreign affairs. He is persuaded, at the bottom of itself, he could run the country better than anyone…France, it is 40 Presidents million !
CHURCHILL – decidedly, you do not like the French !
De Gaulle – Politics, the big one, it is always a disappointed love… And then think again : I love the people of France, not those who représentent.Les politicos, small party leaders, these buffoons who do not have the tail of an idea, who are at ease in the squabble clans, the backwater soundbites, -flip…All they want, is to return to their little schemes, those where one distributes seats, those who led France to the precipice ! This is not democracy they love, these pygmies, is the démocrassouille, where they stand all the goatee !
CHURCHILL – Ah, democracy…
De Gaulle – his drama, this is not universal suffrage…Basically, it's very good that the voice of the worker weighs as much as the Nobel Prize…Anyway, great men are so stupid that other…Non, the problem is the parties, these machines to promote rogues, va-de-la-mouth or excited about the nursery… arsouilles of which then pretend to govern a country !
Hervé Bentégeat – best Allies.

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