The real James Bond

Dušan Popov aka Tricycle was a double agent working for both the German secret services of the Abwehr and for Her Majesty's Secret Service !

With its coverage of & rsquo; d & rsquo man, businessman working in the & rsquo; import export, skillfully, it informs the German with a mixture of real information but no real strategic interest and false information developed by the British service “Double Cross”.

C & rsquo; is in Portugal, neutral country, that & rsquo; usually his German liaison officer to contact the casino of the Hotel Palacio in Estoril. C & rsquo; is in the same casino that Dusko Popov crosses the & rsquo; MI5 agent Ian Fleming.

Popov mise, once, the 38 000 dollar mission expenses on a baccarat table and wins the hand to bluff facing a rich Lithuanian vantard.Ce bluff is immortalized in Casino Royale, first James Bond novel written by Fleming.

Dusan Popov will also be sent by & rsquo; Germany at Pearl Harbor on request of the Japanese to retrieve information for the & rsquo; developing their attack 7 December 1941.

Obviously he informs the British and Americans who will be warned several months before the attack., that the Japanese collect information on their base. But the US Secret Service will not take this information as a serious threat…

We know the rest.

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