Headquarter : Sir Winston Churchill in London

The Churchill War Rooms is located in Clive Steps, King Charles Street, near Horse Guards Parade.
C & rsquo; is a real bunker where over 500 people could work day and night and will be used from August 1939 to September 1945.

Officers of the map room to work in the halls of the War Cabinet 1945

It consists of & rsquo; thirty rooms, the main ones being :

  • The firm Winston Churchill (Cabinet War Room)
  • transatlantic phone room (Transatlantic Telephone Room)
  • The conference room (Chief’s Off Staff)
  • The Chart Room (Maps Room)
  • The Churchill Room
This photo shows the entrance to the apartment number 10 located in the annex, where Churchill and his family lived, just above the Cabinet War Rooms, in the custody of two Royal Marines. The door opened on the side of the photo leads to the rooms of the Cabinet War Room.


L & rsquo; entry of Churchill War Rooms today
Location of Churchill War Rooms in London
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