Bloody Omaha


Le colonel George A. Taylor, commander 16 th regiment the famous 1 ère division d’infanterie « The big red one », yells to his troops on Omaha beach : "There are two kinds of people staying on this beach: those who died and those who will die. Now, go out d & rsquo; here. »

general Patton

"Never a guy has won a war by dying for his country. We win by arranging for it to be the type of side who dies for his country. »
General George Patton

Louis de Cazenave

« La guerre ? Hay hay hay ! An absurd thing, inutile ! À quoi ça sert de massacrer des gens ? Nothing can justify the, rien ! »

Louis de Cazenave (1897-2008) Last survivor of the Chemin des Dames and penultimate hairy alive.

Paris 25 August 1944

Why do you want us dissimulions l & rsquo; emotion that grips us all, men and women, who are here, home, in Paris to free standing and that has to do with his hands.

Non ! We will not hide the profound and sacred emotion. There is minutes beyond each of our poor lives.

Paris ! paris outraged ! paris broke ! paris martyred ! but liberated Paris ! released by itself, liberated by its people with the help of armies of France, with & rsquo; support and assistance of all France, France, which fights, in France alone, the real France, the eternal France.

well ! since the & rsquo; enemy which held Paris has capitulated in our hands, of France returns to Paris, At her place. She goes there bloody, but resolved. She goes there, lit by the & rsquo; huge lesson, but more certain than ever, its duties and rights.

I say d & rsquo; first of his duties, and I will summarize them all by saying that, for the time being, it s & rsquo; acts of war duties. L & rsquo; tottering foe but n & rsquo; is not yet defeated. It remains on our soil. He does not even suffice than we & rsquo; have, with the assistance of our dear and admirable allies, driven from us as we stood for satisfied after what s & rsquo; s happened. We want to enter its territory as it should, victoriously.

C & rsquo; is why the & rsquo; vanguard French came to Paris with cannon.

C & rsquo; is why the great French army & rsquo; Italy landed in the South ! and quickly goes up the Rhone Valley.

C & rsquo; is why our brave and dear forces of & rsquo; s going inside & rsquo; s arm & rsquo; modern weapons.

C & rsquo; is this revenge, this vengeance and that justice, we will continue to fight until & rsquo; in the last day, up & rsquo; in the day of total victory and complete.

This duty of war, all men who are here and all who hear us in France know that & rsquo; it requires the & rsquo; national unity. We other, who have experienced the greatest moments of our history, we don & rsquo; not want to have anything else to show us, up & rsquo; in the end, worthy of France. Long live France !

General de Gaulle, Paris city hall.